My brain is filled with lunatics. Insects infest me to make me sick. The daily disease breaks my immune systems strength. I'm no longer able to operate at an extended length. I'm congested with all the smoke that I breathe. My mind travels to places that you can't conceive. The sickness of the world only serves as my passport, feeding every new thought with gruesome lessons that it's taught. This is the knowledge used for my mental warfare on a daily basis, the same battle's always fought, at different places with changing faces. Ignorance is the enemy; death is my only chance at victory. Everyday my rival's numbers grow around me. One lone warrior on the mental war zone plain, I must overcome my pain to begin my never-ending reign. Stop at nothing to defeat this disease being spread by evil Pharisees to lands beyond the seas. It's up to the mind to overcome adversaries, arm yourselves at Libraries, blast of knowledge from the dictionaries. For thought is the highest form of enlightenment to find, the greatest power you posses comes from within your mind.