It's an impossibilty for me to walk down the street calmly. So much violence and ignorance that I can't make sense of existance. I encounter negativity at each step consecutively, people fucking yelling at me with no grasp on reality. Simply operating at the minimum rate, a product of this state that the government helped create. So fed up with the tread mill routine they revert to obscene, their only goal green, the currency of the machine. Run punch the button, go back into the maze, their lives have become this repetitive haze. Or is that's not the case, they were never in it in the first place. Born, silver spoon, from first step to the tomb. No realization of the true condition of the nation to busy with the new car money demonstration consumed with the occupation of bullshit chasing. Bullshit being material possesion number serial dollar for women with venerial. Diseases expenses skeezes without true value like a dashboard jesus. Concerned only with what they can leach, unable to hear your voices that teach, manditory speech,"so you got a house on the beach?" A house on the beach is just a castle in the sand, the water will take it away and give it back to the land. Impermanence is the truth of being, reality is only seeming, wake up from all this dreaming.