You are a statistic. Another number in the system. There's no where to hide from conformity. Mankind's been labeled to be controlled more easily. Freedom and privacy are lost causes, remnants of the past. Equality among men and the truth weren't meant to last. Big brother's watching you when you think you're all alone. Miniature surveilance cameras are installed inside your home. Your day is closely monitored to check production and effeciancy. Categorizing your behaviour, personality and class in this "society". Your safety and welfare are of no concern, only willingness to cooperate. Deviation from your instructions is a crime if you purpotrate. Individuality is a punishable offense, punishable by death. Free thinking is declared a federal crime, you can be incarcerated for the emancipation of your mind. All self expression has been illegalized, your identification will be scanned and and recorded through the retina of your eyes. Total conformity for manufacturing purposes is the goal for the human race. To consume resources and multiply at an increasing pace. There's no way to escape becoming slaves to our own greed. Eliminating our souls, mechanizing our minds that we've tried so hard to free.