Politics: My political stances are quite simple. I don't side with any party, and mostly, I'm in fear of what the government is doing to this land. Some things that I feel strongly about as far as political issues are concerned, are, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the wars on other countries…. Mostly anything that has the word WAR associated with it. Most of these are farces. Great wastes of our money and lives. Which brings me to the next point about politics. Money. It is the central basis of the political world. It controls politics, and those that control the money, well, you know…So, to me, this automatically renders the whole political scheme ineffective since what it is teleprompting us it's goals are, are really not what's driving the whole thing after all. Money makes everything wrong with modern day politics and there's nothing that we can do because of greed. Money decides what poitics is interested in, what actions it takes, and who is involved. This isn't the way the whole thing was meant to be. Not ideally. It was meant so that the people of the united states of America were represented in the government, that the politicians were acting on behalf of the people that they were elected by. I don't know when this system failed to work, but it was far before I was born. I don't like to involve myself in politics all that much, not in the sense that it is discussed on television. But in terms of what is going on in this world and what should be done about it. Most of my beliefs in this field are dictated by logic, another idea that was thrown out of the political window some time ago.