The goals that I have set for myself as an artist are pure and simple. Create art that satisfies myself, and creates thought in the viewer. The majority of the art that I do always meets one of those standards if not both. Thought evocation is the most important thing to me. It is a given that it should be important to any artist, but what I mean by it is to think beyond the given aspects of what you see. Hopefully through one of my pieces one would be inspired to do this. The subjects that I most often attack or use are religion, the state of the nation, world issues, and my own mental state. The latter is the hardest type of imagery to try to make people think with, since it is so personal. As an expression of myself, I feel that it extends more emotionally towards a viewer. Emotion and thought however, are linked in the most primal of ways. Emotion is the side of thought that we struggle to tame, that we fight with inside of ourselves. This makes it a very important part of my artwork. Keeping this in mind, a great deal of my work is figurative, and I feel that there is nothing that has the capacity to evoke emotion, or thought, than the stance, action, and look of a figure. The methods that I use to create work vary drastically. It really only depends on what I have on hand at the moment of inspiration. I paint, draw, sculpt, and create music with a reasonable level of equal skill in all respects. I would have to say that "illustrator" is often associated with my work by outside parties, though most of the time it seems an insult has snuck out of their lips. The majority of work that I've done recently has involved the incorporation of digital media and computer software. I find that it lets me refine the works that I begin physically. I usually begin with a piece, a photograph or drawing, and then work on that through the use of the computer. I find this has lead to some of my more impressive work that I've ever done and I think that I'll continue to pursue this course of action in my art. Also, the art that I create through this medium to be transferred to the brand new great communicator (the internet) and reach hundreds of thousands of people that wouldn't have seen it otherwise, and hopefully provoke some thought from them. Me making people worldwide think about things. What better result could an artist hope for with their work? Social issues, emotional issues, everything that I can hope to express in a work of art being thought about on a grand scale, nothing more nothing less. Just being thought about. It's a wonderful thing. Thought is the first step in the initiation of change. Being an influence of that thought, that started that change is a major goal for me as an artist, and as a human being.