Still living life as if the silly shit mattered. Dreams cloud the mind while reality is scattered. The look on your face screams the naive. Still entrenched in what they taught you to believe. Still stuck to the bullshit labels, worshipping credential society. Expecting everyone to see the same ignorant shit that your forced to see. The first shell of it all you. Accept to be truth instead of fabrication. Every implement you allow them to use only adds to subjectation. The quality fiber you choose to drape on yourself is only evidence of your weakness. Your minds not strong enough to believe this. You're too scared to speak this. You've broken down under the pressure when they wanted you to break. Thinking that this is freedom was your initial mistake. Putting you in this present state of disgrace. The path is to be chosen, not inserted in the vein. Instead of the outside hive allow the self to reign. Instead of being told, question. Fuck this police state regression.