The rickety support system is growing very weak. Ever constricting the masses brave enough to speak. The wood cracks and breaks beneath the weight of the bullshit above, too heavy to take. The thickness of the layers increasing mass. The buiders realize quickly it's not going to last. Not with the people that are running the show. They don't really run it, they just watch it go. On and on into oblivion. On and on until it's done. Recklessly damaging everything in it's path. Making excuses for it's own wrath. Covering it's deep, deep tracks. Placing it's guilt on the the peoples backs. Feeding it to them through home recepticles. Pill form, no injectables. Taken daily at appointed schedule times. Radio disguises by electro-ear whispering rhymes. So watch close the bases of the nation. They are suffering degradation. Too old and too weak to last anymore. They've become sick with what they support. Faultering under the pressure of burden. The sound is loud, frightening, disturbing. People heard it all crash to the ground. It woke them up and they rejoiced at the sound.