Syphoning out all the absurdity, is all most too great of a task for me. Seems like it's draining out all of my energy. So much so that I can barely see. Then everything is beutiful, because it's not there. Everything was ugly when I was aware. She says I live in playland. Maybe on naked street. You should come to playland. So many lovely people to meet. It helps to be oblivious to the real. Then there's not as much that you have to feel. There's always children playing, with no crack deals. Everyone's a neighbor and none of them steal. What would it take to rip this smile off my face? A flaming jack hammer and a two ton disgrace? None of that shit could faze me. I'm always where the haze be. It makes it harder for you to find me when you get caught up in the things that I don't see.