The Youth Of America believes that it's free. The Youth Of America lives in a false reality. They think the truth is in the open, on the fucking t.v. All of this shit "expanding their minds" was programmed for them to see. The American Government Brainwash Machine is working perfectly. Preperations for warfare and espionage are subliminally implanted inot their head. Since their births, the operation's begun, The Youth Of America's being bred. Killing machines and disease spreading puppets, unaware of their destructive potential. Instead of foreign enemies, their killing themselves and the results are inconsequential. The Youth Of America destruction machine. Being controlled from behind the scenes. They don't realize that violence is being used as a tool. To keep the Youth Of America knee deep in the killing pool. The youth of america dosen't realize it's fate. It's been created to be controlled and devastate. Microchips implanted at birth into their infant brain stem. Another device for manipulation used to conrol them. Instruction impulses sent through infra red signal beams. Never stopping to realize that nothing's as it seems. Every move made predetermined by computer satalite. Advanced action plans made while The Youth Of America sleeps at night. The Youth Of America, half ignorant, half sedated. All of them carefully controlled since they were created.